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Olympic Hellenism Event

And there was Olympic Light.  It felt that way for those who perceived it and understood it.  A ray of light and hope for Olympic Hellenism, the Kalsasha and the world. A ray of Olympic radiant path, an ethico-political moral campus and a goal to work for and strive for. An ethico-political movement of excellence which will elevate all human beings and nations to the sacred sublime level they deserve spearheaded by the Federation of Associated Laconian Societies. 

Indeed, the Federation of Laconian Societies, the “Spartans” had its first successful and emotional event. A unique event which honored the ancient Hellenic Spirit from Leonidas to Alexander and highlighted the exceptional significance of the Kalasha, the last descendants of Alexander the Great’s army. It took place in the magnificent Grant Prospect Hall on Saturday afternoon June 8th at 4pm, in Brooklyn N.Y.

Not surprisingly the Grant and spectacular Hall started to fill up quite before 4pm. About 400 participants  came to attend this  Olympic event. They were from the Greek, Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan and other communities and they made this event both colorful and international.  After the cocktail hour had finished the event started with the exceptional and fantastic performance of the dancing troupe of Demetrios and Georgia Kaloidis afternoon school. Right after that everyone was moved by the reenactment ceremony of the Olympic flame. Both of these ceremonies were supervised and directed by the exceptional and superb Eleftheria Oikouta who also recited the Kostas Palamas Olympic Hymn as the Reenactment ceremony took place.

The Vice president Mr. Elias Panagiotakakos, Dr. Mudnia Sheikh, Mr. Demetrios Kalamaras and Dr. Uzma Gul superbly directed everything as MCS. We had short greetings from Mr. Meimaroglou, the president of the Hellenic Societies of N.Y, Mr. Kashif Hussein a young professional and Community leader, Mr. Nacim Gilgit, an exceptional Gilgit Baltistan Community activist, Mrs. Halkias, grand sponsor and graceful host of the event and Mr. Dimitrios Kontolios, a N.J Councilman and supreme president of United Chios Societies of U.S and Canada. Last we had greetings and thoughtful comments from Mr. Naeem Iqbal Sheema Consul General of Pakistan as well as Konstantinos Koutras  who did not go to a very important family function in order to attend this event.

Professor Nancy Biska spoke eloquently about the 1821 Revolution and the revival of the Olympic Hellenic Spirit. In her well documented speech she concluded that our world urgently needs our Hellenic spirituality and vision.

A short video made by the author Kalasha Bibi, about the Kalasha people, life and their connection to Alexander the Great impressed and moved many people who understood the worldwide significance of this small group of people , the last remnant of Alexander the Great’s Hellenistic kingdom.  Ms. Lakshan Bibi, the author of the book “ Kalasha – what I know” a daughter of the Kalasha people spoke with painful awareness of the plight of her people , the last descendants of Alexander the Great’s army to survive and the threat of eminent extinction.

She also spoke of the international significance of the importance of Alexander the Great as a champion of civilization and culture, she called for an Alexander the Great international celebration day, she noted that Macedonia is neither North nor South, not East nor west but that it is one Radiant Beautiful Olympic Macedonia which spread Olympic Hellenism and its values to the whole world elevating it. She also urged all the participants to listen to the immortal voices of our forefathers like Homer, Plato, Leonidas e.t.c. and act accordingly honoring their spirit.

After the end of her beautiful speech Mr. Nacim Gilgit with a group of friends danced a spirited Gilgit Baltistan Dance exciting the crowd.

Let us all become Olympians for a life time and Kalashas for a year

Helping the Kalasha people was in the mind of our president Mr. Timoleon Kakouros who spoke last. He applauded repeatedly Ms. Lakshan Bibi’s love, care and sacrifices for the Kalasha people and noted that their pain had become her pain and their plight had become her plight. He also noted that even though Lakshan Bibi had came to the U.S in difficult circumstances she always found ways to help and support the exceptional and beautiful Kalashas. He also stated that the Laconian Federation , in the last few years , had stood on the side of the Kalasha and Lakshan Bibi and will continue to do so. Then he announced  a $2,000.00 dollars donation by the Federation to help the Kalasha as well as some other  donations that would all be officially catalogued in the economic books of the Federation, announced and be given to help the Kalasha. He also urged all the participants to donate and help these beautiful people.

The he spoke of the true significance of the Revival of Olympic Hellenism as the hope of Hellenism and the world. He spoke of the immortal values and tremendous yearning of ancient Hellenism for physico-spiritual and intellectual excellence and perfection which gave rise to Humanism, Democracy, and the tremendous achievements in the Arts, Philosophy, Mathematics, Science etc. and transformed the world through its spread by Alexander the Great. He also said that helping the Kalasha is the Litmus test for all of us who honor the spirit of Alexander and Olympic Hellenism. Mr.Ioannis Koutalis and his fellow Musicians impressed all with their spirit and innovating translation of the famous Macedonia Song in English.

The fundraising drive was successful and continues.  All donations will be officially entered into the economic books of the Federation while all the net proceeds from the book sale will be donated by the author Lakshan Bibi for helping the Kalasha.   

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